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Daniel Martin Diaz


Artist Statement

One of my earliest memories as a child was the way death and religion played an important role in my family's life. My parents were born in Mexico with traditional beliefs, and their beliefs made their way into my subconscious. The fact that many of those beliefs seemed to render no logical explanation has also influenced me. These unanswered questions find a home in my work.
Still evoking the mystery, fear, and irony of those vivid memories of my past.
I do not claim to understand these questions.
I just paint and let them reveal themselves to me.
1985 - 1989School of Music. Northern Arizona University.
1994Found Art and Religious Artifacts. Central Arts Collective. Tucson, Arizona.
1996Fourth Annual Small Works Invitational. Davis Domingez Gallery. Tucson, Arizona.
Group Exhibition. Jose Galvez Gallery. Tucson, Arizona.
1996 - 1997Etherton Gallery. Tucson, Arizona.
1997Solo Exhibition, "Saints and Sinners". Temple Gallery. Tucson, Arizona.
Biennial. Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, Arizona.
Bicentennial of the Misson San Xavier. Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, Arizona.
1998Gallery La Jolla. La Jolla, California.
Soho Group Show. Vibrant Gallery. New York, New York.
Group Exhibition Three Artist. Karin Newby Gallery. Tubac, Arizona.
Three Artist Exhibition. Karin Newby Gallery. Tubac, Arizona.
Three Artist Exhibition. Etherton Gallery. Tucson, Arizona.
Solo Exhibition. Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, Arizona.
1999Solo Exhibition. Gallery La Jolla. La Jolla, California.
Vistions V. National Juried Exhibition Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. Covington, New York.
Sacred, Iconic, Religios. Aparatus. Tucson, Arizona.
Spiritual 99. National Juried Exhibition Period Gallery. Omaha, Nebraska.
Art as a Sanctuary. Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Tucson, Arizona.
Tongues of Fire 30th Anniversary. National Juried Exhibition Biblical Arts Museum. Dallas, Texas.
. . .
1996Exhibtion Review, Star Art. Arizona Daily Star. November 1996.
1997Biennial Review, Star Art. Arizona Daily Star. July 1997.
Featured Artist. Tucson Citizen. January 9, 1997. Kathleen Ellen.
Exhibtion Review. Tucson Weekly. September 25, 1997. Margert Regan.
Exhibtion Review. Arizona Daily Star. October 3, 1997. Pamala Portwood.
1998Border Beat the Arts Journal. Summer 1998. Front Cover.
Tucson Guide. Fall 1998.
Southwest Art. October 1998.
Aguila (Spanish Publication). October 1998.
Featured Artist. Arizona Daily Star. November 1, 1998. Bryn Bailer.
El Impercial (Spanish Publication). November 19, 1998. Leyla Cattan.
Featured Artist. Tucson Monthly. December 1998. Kim Baker.
Exhibition Review. Arizona Daily Star. December 18, 1998.
Business, Career, Politics and Culture. Hispanic Magazine. December 1998.
1999Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies. University of Arizona, one year issue. Front Cover.
Featured Artist. Low Rider Magazine. March 1999. Jessica Lopez
Exhibition Review. Cincinnati City Beat. October 1999. Fran Watson
1997Featured Artist. Arizona Illustrated. With Leslie Epperson, PBS.
1998Featured Artist. Ayer, Hoy Manana. With Leyla Cattan, KOLD Channel 13.
Reflexiones. With Marcela A. Ramonet, PBS.
1998Buffalo Exchange Arts Award.
Voted Best Solo Exhibition of 1998. Tucson Weekly
Presented Award for Painting. Period Gallery. Omaha, Nebraska.


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