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MORE INFO ON DANIEL MARTIN DIAZ WORK: ( based out of Frankfurt, Germany ) Centro Cultural ( based out of Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico ) ( based out of Denver, Co. ) art resources.
The Scottish Website: virtual exhibition ( Scotland, UK )
Artist review by Leticia M. Pinero.
Artist review by Margaret Regan.
Remedios Varo (1908 - 1963 ) her technique is fantastic. very inspiring.
Gustavo Monroy ( living artist ) his paintings are so raw and hard hitting. I am honored to be exhibiting with him in Mexico.
Manuel Ocampo ( living artist) he is probably one of the best living artist today. very deep work
Manuel Ocampo additional site.
Leonora Carrington (born 1917) "one of the most important female artist" - Salvador Dali
Leonora Carrington additional site
Joel Peter Witkin ( living artist ) probably one of the best living photographers beautifully creepy photos
Joel Peter Witkin additional site
Hung Li Some beautiful art work from artist in the far east.
Mark Ryden Wonderful art work
Artist Exchange - this is a wealth of info for artist check it out.
Art Deadlines List - juried exhibitions, jobs, and other stuff you will find useful
Fine Arts Certification and Title ( download this contract it will protect you and the collector).
Fantastic Art - resources and great art work.
World Artist Directory - application form.
Latin Dictionaries ( free downloads )
The Vatican Library - books for popes and scholars.
Lycos Art Directory Tons of art related websites. Post your rtwork free
artist art opportunities full listing of galleries around the world
Kara contemporary art contest
arts wire more artist opportunities
Internet ArtResources full listing of museums all over the world
Blind Divine Our music
City of Tucson
Tucson Museum of Art
Traditional Fine Arts Online, Inc.
Death - A Neil Gaiman comic
Strange site of the day new site daily.
Fonts from the Scriptorium old world fonts and clip art. free samples
Bloodsucker free gothic and creepy fonts
majestic research scientific data related to solar events.
Track a Package enter your tracking number with all the major mail services.
Benedictine Sisters a monastic community located in Clyde.
catholic encyclopedia demonology
Tezrian's Vault Demonolatry (Demonic Sigils) some people are very cautious with these signs and think that to have them in writing or other representations may invoke the spirit that the sigil stands for. be careful when viewing sigils.
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