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Dagnor's Cauldron

Location Key
  1. Friendly NPC Camp and Healing
  2. Thief NPC selling Poison
  3. Dwarven Stone Marker
  4. Orc Scout Camp
  5. Aqua Goblin Camp
Level of Monsters : 12 - 25

Type of Monsters : Scalded Rats, Cauldron Rats, Shoal Serpents, Sandbar Serpents, Undertow Skeletons, Orc Scouts, Aqua Goblins, Aqua Goblin Mariners, Aqua Goblin Shamans, Aqua Goblin Bosuns, Aqua Goblin Tidal Lords

Adjacent Zones : Butcherblock Mountains, Estate of Unrest


Last Updated : 23 SEP 99